The Importance of Early Screening

Dementia is one of the most feared conditions in older adults and not surprising since dementia is most common in people over 65.

There are between fifty and one hundred identifiable causes of dementia, some of which are reversible and can be treated effectively in primary care. Screening your brain health before symptoms become apparent can enable your primary healthcare physician to identify the onset of certain conditions early so that reversible conditions can be addressed appropriately, or therapeutic actions can be taken.

Another key benefit of having a Brain Care Screening sooner rather than later is to establish a personalized baseline score on the tests carried out for future reference. Brain health is a very personal phenomenon. While there are general benchmarks available, comparing personalized scores over time for a particular patient is the most effective way of being able to identify subtle changes or anomalies that may indicate the onset of a specific condition. As we all know, it’s always better to prevent a disease than have to cure one if the opportunity arises.

Brain Care Screening (BCS), together with the provision of Enrichment Programs through the Wellness Club, are ground-breaking additions to Reliance Medical Centers. Primary care clinics commonly focus on only the physical and pharmaceutical aspects of a person’s healthcare. Specializing in primary care for seniors, having Brain Care creening and Enrichment programs available to all patients significantly differentiates Reliance Medical Centers from other clinics. Most importantly, it provides both patients and the community with a truly holistic approach to helping older adults live happier, healthier lives.

Brain Care Screening at Reliance

Reliance Medical Centers’ Brain Care Screening strives to detect cognitive impairment at the earliest possible juncture when interventions are most likely to be effective. Screening consists of 6 components.
  • Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS),
  • Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA),Audiometry (AUD),
  • Hearing Handicap Inventory for Elderly (HHIE),
  • Sleep Condition Indicator,
  • Social Determinant Survey (SDS).
Participating in our BCS program will provide you with access to cognitive aging specialists, various wellness programs, and direct access to research programs like PACT Clinical Trail (Preventing Alzheimer’s with Cognitive Training).
Brain health courses will be offered from within the Activity Center of the Wellness Club. Such courses include:
  • Brain HQ (Computer-based brain training),
  • BE! Brain Enrichment Program (Preserve & enhance brain abilities),
  • Fit Minds (Engaging the mind to help maintain brain function and possibly enhance it as well as providing social interaction), and more!
Upon completion of the screening, BCS results will be provided to and discussed with patients. For VBP Medicare RMC patients & Medicare enrollees, BCS results will be shared with patients’ primary care providers, and patients will be referred to participate in the Wellness portion (therapy). Recommendations for follow-up will be discussed.

Non-Reliance patients will receive a summary of BCS results to share with their primary care provider and can sign up for a fee (unless they are Medicare enrollees).


The good news is that both Brain Care Screening and our Enrichment Programs are affordable. For Medicare patients, both Brain Care Screening and Enrichment Programs are entirely free!

Furthermore, fees have been significantly reduced for self-paying patients:
Brain Care Screening valued at $350 is available for $200, and Enrichment Programs valued at $500 are available for $300.

So, if you are over 55, now is your chance to put your mind at rest. Contact Reliance Medical Centers to schedule your Brain Care Screening now!

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