Your Primary Care Physician and Care Focus Team

A Care Focus Team (CFT) is a group of clinical professionals, headed by a Primary Care Physician (PCP), that work together not only get you well but most importantly keep you well. By organizing the clinical staff into CFTs means that patients get consistent, coordinated care by the same team always. It’s a team-based approach to keeping our patients healthy. One
person can’t do it as well; the PCP needs the whole team to work with a panel of patients. When we put that team together, we called it a “Care Focus Team”.

Your Reliance PCP is the head of the Care Focus Team. The Doctor is overall in charge, leads and manages his dedicated team. The other members of the Care Focus Team provide the Doctor with services and information; giving additional support and care to patients. He or she manages your preventive care, diagnosis and illnesses, and coordinates all your external needs when you require them. They’ll help you navigate the health care system so you can concentrate on your health. The PCP and his team put all the pieces together to get the “big picture” of your health.

Our 8-member Care Focus Team works to deliver a personalized experience like no other.

Your Primary Care Physician is the team leader whose role it is to take care of you and direct the team toward keeping you healthy at all times.

Your Personal Medical Concierge coordinates and facilitates your healthcare needs with the sole aim of improving your quality of life.

Your Nurse Practitioner works closely with your Primary Care Physician providing a complete care presence to maintain optimum health.

Your quality analyst tracks your treatments and progress to ensure the team have all the information they need to keep you well.

Each team includes four medical assistants providing both clinical and clerical services to keep the team at maximum effectiveness.