COVID-19 Policy


Each patient and visitor will be screened for COVID-19 when entering the building. Patients can only have one per person accompany them during their visits if assistance is needed for the visit. Located inside both medical centers is a COVID-19 screening check-in stand occupied by the Center Greeter. The Center Greeter will welcome all patients and inform of Reliance screening process. The Center Greeter will also ensure that the patient is wearing a facemask correctly. The Center Greeter will then take the temperature of the patient and record it on the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire, then hand the questionnaire to the patient to complete. The Center Greeter will instruct the patient to complete the questionnaire in its entirety then give it to the front desk while checking in for their appointment.

The patient will then be asked to go check-in at the front desk. If the patient answered “Yes” to any of the COVID-19 screening questions or had a temperature above 99.5°, the patient will be immediately taken back to one of the COVID triage rooms that have been identified at both locations. Once the patient has been roomed, the Medical Assistant will be informed and all areas where the patient was will be disinfected.

Patient Waiting Areas: The medical centers will be cleaned and disinfected prior to utilizing for patient in person visits and hourly during business hours. The lobby, Reliance Café and all other patient waiting areas will be disinfected with germicidal disposable Sani-Cloth Wipes. Hand sanitizers are located throughout the medical centers, including the entrance, screening stand, and the front desk.

Patient Exam Rooms: The patient exam rooms will be cleaned before and after each patient with germicidal disposable Sani-Cloth Wipes. Hand sanitizer is located in each exam room. The COVID Triage rooms will be disinfected after use with the Path-Away fogger system. The Path-Away fogger system will also be used at the end of each day to thoroughly disinfect each patient exam room. Medical Assistants will not be required to remain in the patient exam room with the patient.

End of Day: At the each of each day, the medical centers will be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned using the hand-held Path-Away fogger system. It will be used to clean all surfaces within the medical centers, including but not limited to patient waiting areas, chairs, tables, desktops, door handles, and staff offices.

Transportation: Reliance transportation vehicles will be disinfected before and after every patient transport using germicidal disposable Sani-Cloth wipes. All transportation vehicles are disinfected/sanitized using the Path-Away fogger after transporting a COVID symptomatic patient. The Path-Away system is also used daily at the end of each day or at any time per request of transportation staff.