About Us

Reliance Medical Centers


We Strive to improve every life we touch, both inside and out.


To be the coordinated care-center of choice for our seniors.


Quality: To serve with a commitment to excellence.

Driven: Be intentional and pro-active in all we do.

Integrity: To always do the right thing.

Innovation: Not to allow the constraints of the past control the future.

Compassion: Always provide empathetic, friendly, and courteous attention.

What healthcare should be

When it comes to seeing a doctor, feeling empowered to live a healthier, happier life, or getting help navigating the current healthcare system, our message is simple: You deserve better.

Now, better is exactly what you can get. In fact, much better because Reliance Medical Centers has reinvented the healthcare experience for seniors, designing it around the unique health and wellness needs of each individual patient.

At Reliance, a coordinated team works together to deliver an elevated and personalized experience like no other. Doctors take the time to listen and get to know you. You can become and stay healthy in an environment that feels like home, with someone who always cares by your side.

With a focus on preventative health, Reliance provides a one-stop holistic solution for improving both your health and your overall quality of life. We offer you all the services of a medical center but deliver them more like a 5-star hotel. Right from the outset, you are assigned a Personal Medical Concierge who will provide the help and support you need to access the facilities and services we offer.

Fewer patients per doctor allowing more time and care to each patient.

Every patient is automatically assigned a Care Focus Team to ensure every aspect of a patient's health is reviewed and assessed.

Every patient is automatically awarded a Personal Medical Concierge to coordinate all healthcare and wellness needs.

Every patient has automatic access to the Health Support Team to provide additional assistance on all aspects of the healthcare system.

Every patient automatically becomes a member of the Reliance Wellness Club providing free activities to achieve a generally healthier lifestyle.

Every patient has access to our complimentary Chauffeur Drive Services.