“Seniors can now get their own Personal Medical Concierge”

Your Personal Medical Concierge is your direct link to your primary care physician. You can ask your PMC any questions you may have regarding your health. They will then consult with your Doctor and call you back to provide answers and guidance. The primary duties of your PMC include:

  • Call patients before visits to discuss needs and establish visit goals.
  • Follow up by phone after visits to answer questions about your health, troubleshoot any challenges in filling prescriptions or following a referral.
  • Rapid follow-up calls after all hospital or emergency department discharges.
  • Perform comprehensive health assessments to identify problems that, if addressed through effective interventions, will improve care.
  • Provide additional support to patients who are at high-risk for poor outcomes.
  • Referral management for providers, services and community resources.
  • Conduct “check in” calls between recurring visits to identify and pro-actively address emerging issues.
  • Coach and provide behavior modification.
    Resolve any barriers to care.
A personally assigned medical concierge is your gateway to continuous priority healthcare. As a clinically trained professional, your medical concierge will quickly become your go-to point of contact for all your healthcare needs. On-call around the clock, their job is to get to know you, understand what works for you, then guide and support you through everything you need, or answer any questions you have. Furthermore, your PMC is just one of eight personally allocated medical and healthcare professionals with only one thing on their mind – to keep you well..