Our Wellness Club is designed to help our patients live as fully as possible and empower them to make positive changes in their lives that ultimately improve health outcomes and maintain independence. In short, to increase the overall quality of life and health of our patients.


Reliance Medical Centers Wellness Club motivates and encourages a preventative and proactive lifestyle when it comes to health and wellness. The Wellness Club strives every day to provide a well-rounded, holistic array of activities and services that are specifically curated to engage and enrich our patients outside of the exam room.


In order to provide a multi-faceted, valuable wellness program for our patients, Reliance Medical Centers employs a widely respected and researched ideology incorporated into the backbone of the Wellness Club.

Wellness Club Components

The Reliance Wellness Club is a member’s only facility to which all Reliance Medical Center patients are automatically awarded membership.

The Wellness Club is designed to help you live as full a life as possible and empower you to make positive changes that will improve your health outcomes.

The Wellness Club is comprised of three main components.

  • Wellness Spa
  • Activity Center
  • Fitness Club

Comprising of The Hair and Nail Salon, Massage Therapy and Medical Acupuncture.

The Hair and Nail Salon is designed to encourage a strong self-esteem and interest in self-care.

Massage Therapy is referred by our physicians and beneficial to seniors because it has been proven to be an effective alternative to medication for pain management/reduction among many other health benefits.

It offers stimulating and enriching programming inspired by the Seven Dimensions of Wellness to promote active aging in a way that is unique to Reliance Medical Centers. All the activities and special events have been focus grouped by our patients as well as heavily researched to ensure effectiveness, retention and positive results.

It is designed to provide physical activities to our patients in a safe, enjoyable and approachable environment. Physical fitness classes are either lead by certified trainers specific to the program or by the Activity Coach that has been trained to facilitate the class.